Why Do Bean Bag Chairs Cost So Much?

Why are bean bags expensive? Why are they so expensive? After learning how much bean bag chairs cost, let's discuss their value.

Buying furniture requires many considerations. Major concern is cost. It should fit and look excellent without costing a fortune.

How to Spot a Good Bean Bag?

You may be wondering why everyone is so thrilled about bean bags if you've considered buying one. Bean bags' comfort, versatility, and durability raise the question: what makes a good one? Bean bags are usually priced according to their quality.

It seems sense that superior bean bags cost more. In addition to unparalleled comfort, its quality cover materials and fillings give durability. Bean bags often fill with polystyrene beads.

Size is also important while choosing a bean bag. Small bean bags for sitting are cheaper, but if you want one that can double as a bed for unexpected guests, you'll pay more.

Bean Bag Chairs

Outer cover materials

Covers are vital to bean bags. Changing bean bag covers is a fun and easy way to add color and character to your house. Choose a removable, durable cover to maximize its use.

Our outside cover materials come in numerous colors and styles:

  • Synthetic Leather
  • Cotton Chenille
  • Cotton Satin
  • Furry Sherpa
  • Chinchilla Fake
  • Fur Bunny Fake Fur

After choosing the chair's cover material, choose a durable, easy-to-clean bean bag cover. So you can keep our bean bags clean, their covers are removable and machine washable.

Our bean bag covers are made of robust materials to withstand any situation. Our vast assortment of coverings will match your style, whether you want to protect your bean bag from spills or decorate your living space.

Polystyrene beads vs. Polyfoam

When buying a new bean bag chair or filling an old one, polystyrene beads and polyfoam are the most frequent fillings. How do these two fillings differ, and how can you pick the best one?

High-quality polyurethane foam is shredded for furniture. Orthotics and vertebral body supports use this material, making it a popular full-body support. Polyfoam is durable and moldable. BrandnMart's bean bags are filled to the brim with 100% polyfoam to prevent compression and loss of shape.

Polystyrene beads provide distinct benefits. Due of the beads' small weight and portability, this bean bag is great for versatile living arrangements or frequent design changes. Bean bags with polystyrene beads are cheap and a good budget option.

While polyfoam bean bags are more comfortable, others may find the polystyrene beads move around. These beads may choke little toddlers.

Bean Bag Chairs

Size of Bean Bag

Larger bean bags are always good. Because larger bean bags require more materials, their prices are higher.

When buying for a youngster or youth, choose a youth or full bean bag. The king or queen size suits adults. Since it fits everyone, our extra-long (6') bean bag chair is perfect for napping, resting, and entertaining.

Any bean bag, regardless of size, is a comfortable spot to read or sleep. We recommend the larger size if you're unsure. Larger bean bags offer more comfort and versatility for seating and activities.

BrandnMart's will try to meet your space and comfort needs. We guarantee a bean bag for any room, event, or person with sizes from extra-small to extra-large.

Bean Bags for Extra Support

Bean bags have evolved from cheap, informal seating to high-end, versatile furniture in recent decades. Bean bags with ergonomic features that assist your posture and keep you comfy for hours are popular today.

Modern bean bags have structural backs, contoured seats, and built-in pillows to support the neck, head, and lumbar region. This tendency is toward multipurpose seating that is comfortable and supportive enough to prevent long-term suffering.

The BrandnMart NEST chair is a contemporary bean bag. Its ergonomic design supports the spine, head, and neck, making it a refuge for rest and restoration. Due to its targeted support, the NEST bean bag lets you read, watch TV, or work on a laptop for longer.

The NEST is practical. The pockets keep your phone, remote, and other essentials close. A handle on the back makes it easier to carry the chair around your home to find the perfect spot to rest.

Bean Bag Chairs

Beautiful Zippers

When thinking about bean bag chairs' appearance and usability, you may not consider zipper durability. However, bean bag covers need zippers for durability and security.

We exclusively use YKK on our liners and the best zippers at BrandnMart's. Finally, a locking slider prevents the bean bag filler from falling out or being reached by curious children.

We recognize the necessity for easy cover washing and filling replacement. To attain this equilibrium, we designed the zippers easy for adults to unzip with a paperclip. This provides security without compromising convenience, allowing easy access when needed.

We use premium zippers in our bean bag covers to ensure quality and safety. It represents our dedication to manufacturing bean bag chairs that are comfortable, stylish, functional, and safe for the whole family. Every detail, down to the zippers, has been carefully examined and satisfies the highest standards at BrandnMart.

When Will My Bean Bag Chair Be Used Again?

Bean bag chairs' durability depends on its filling and other materials. Bean bag chairs with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) beans are cheap but rarely last more than five years. Because EPS beans shrink over time, they lose their comfort and support.

However, BrandnMart's bean bags last longer due to their high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. The BrandnMart bean bag often lasts over 15 years. Our bean bags stay long because they are filled with eco-friendly polyfoam that retains its form and comfort over time.

For durability and quality, BrandnMart bean bags use high-grade fabric. Our fabrics are designed to survive spills, frequent shifting, and time, keeping your bean bag comfortable and shapely.

Our bean bags come with a Lifetime Guarantee beyond its construction. If your bean bag breaks due to construction or material faults, BrandnMart's will repair or replace it for free as long as the product is in production. We go to great efforts to assure client satisfaction because we know our bean bags are great.

Bean Bag Chairs

Extra Uses

Bean bags have long been loved for their comfort and laid-back atmosphere, but new designs have made them more versatile. Nowadays, bean bags have added features that make them versatile furniture for any room in the house or office.

BrandnMart bean bags may become mattresses, a unique feature. This change is innovative and valuable. Bean bags can now be used as seats and storage for unexpected naps or overnight guests. The bean bag becomes a comfy bed with a simple modification, ensuring a nice night's sleep with BrandnMart support and comfort. Two-purpose BrandnMart bean bags are great for those with limited space or who want multipurpose furniture.

Bean bags are being used for more than just sitting and sleeping. Books are reviving in classrooms where teachers are creating warm reading nooks for pupils to escape. Bean bags are perfect for office parties and brainstorming since they let users spread out and relax instead of sitting at a desk all day. They are a popular choice in home cinemas and game rooms for hours of fun.

Bean bags are useful indoors and outside. Some outdoor bean bags are weatherproof, so you may relax on the deck, backyard, or pool with one. Due to its lightweight design, they may be easily relocated to take advantage of the best sun or shade.

If at all, are bean bags cozy?

A good bean bag is one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture. Bean bags are perfect for sleeping, reading, or decompressing. Unlike a regular chair, a bean bag chair conforms to your body and supports you.

The American Chiropractic Association reports 31 million back pain sufferers. Quality, ergonomic furniture like our eco-friendly polyfoam bean bags can reduce or eliminate back pain.

Additionally, bean bags are versatile. You can use them as seats, beds, or sofas. A bean bag may be the perfect spot to relax.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bags are worth what?

Bean bag chairs cost a lot—is it reasonable? Let's study some benefits.

Bean bag chairs are popular for their versatility. It can be a seat, bed, lounger, or temporary table. You can even relax in them while watching TV because to their coziness. Their low cost compared to other furnishings is a plus.

Keeping costs low

Superior multipurpose furniture may need a large initial expenditure. However, understanding the cost-value ratio is crucial when considering long-term home investments. People who want BrandnMart's comfort and functionality without breaking the money can find reasonable, practical alternatives.

Full-sized bean bag chairs are multifunctional and cheap. It delivers quality and comfort despite being smaller than our King. This is a wonderful alternative for maximising space and functionality without sacrificing comfort or durability.

Amazon's clear savings may make you choose the cheaper option. But these inexpensive alternatives often fail to fulfill durability and endurance standards. Substandard materials and craftsmanship can require replacements in years or months, making early savings seem negligible. Bean bags, especially typical EPS beans used in many cheap alternatives, give warmth and support for a limited time.

Bean bags are versatile, comfortable, and provide a playful touch to any area. When considering adding this comfortable feature to your home, researching bean bag chair costs will help you select the perfect fit for your budget and taste.

If you need new furniture for your home, browse our bean bag chairs. We're sure you'll love them too.