Top 4 Best Giant Bean Bag of 2024, Used and Reviewed

Giant Bean bag are known for unique classy style and comfort. Giant Bean bags are versatile and can be used in children's playrooms, college dorm rooms to home, offices and living rooms. Giant Bean bags don't take up much space, You can easily store them anywhere.

Giant Bean Bag

Things to Consider Before Buy Giant Bean Bag

Both materials have pros and cons for giant bean bag chairs:
  • Bead filling uses expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a styrofoam-like texture. Bead-filled Giant bean bag chairs are cheaper and lighter than foam-filled ones. Many people love the comforting feeling of bead filling in classic bean bag chairs. This Giant bean bag chair is flexible and moves with you. The filler may deform over time.

  • Foam filling can be made from polyurethane or recyclable materials. These provide a stronger, more durable, and more comfortable construction for long sitting sessions. Shredded foam tends to clump, so you may need to modify the filling sometimes. Foam-filled Giant bean bag chairs don't need frequent fluffing and keep their shape.


Top 4 Best Giant Bean Bag of 2024

1- Lovesac

Giant Bean Bag

The Lovesac Supersac is no ordinary Giant bean bag chair: This adaptable piece of furniture is 72 inches long and 24 inches tall, like various futons and sofas. It can be a chair, bed, or couch. Its adaptability made it our top pick. It provides a cozy place to read, watch TV, or play video games.

The Lovesac Supersac comes in many colors and has a washable cotton-spandex cover. We liked its enormous size, which fit four people comfortably. It also has EPS beads that cradle the body for comfort in every posture. The Lovesac Supersac is larger than other bean bags on this list. We found it to be surprisingly lightweight, making it easy for one person to move.

Pros - Soft Fur Bean Bag Cover, Adaptable, Safe payments, 10 Day Money Back Guarantee

Cons - Expensive, Shipping Time more than 10 days, 24/7 Live Chat Support.

Our Ratings - Design 4/5 , Durability 4/5, Comfort 4/5, Value 2/5, Ease of Setup 4/5

2- Brandnmart

Giant Bean Bag

Need a Giant Bean Bag, Simply choose Brandnmart Giant Bean Bag Chair, looks like a normal bean bag but is packed with memory foam for comfort. If the bag breaks, the foam filling keeps the mess contained. Memory foam outperforms EPS beads in cushioning and support due to its structure.

The bag's clean, orderly design was excellent for a playroom, bedroom, or den. Microsuede covers come in 7 and 8 foot sizes and a variety of colors. After attempting the 7-foot option, it fit two adult perfectly. The 8-foot variant may be better for Family.

We liked the comfort and size of this chair, and  cover material also better. It seems best durable than other brand giant bean bag we tested.


Product details: Features Fur cover and memory foam fill. Its height is 48 inches and sizes range from 7 to 8 feet.

Pros - Soft Fur Bean Bag Cover, 24/7 Live Chat Support,  Adaptable, Lowest Price , Fast 5 Days Shipping, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Cons - Giant Bean Bag weight is high about 7kg

Our Ratings - Design 4/5 , Durability 5/5, Comfort 5/5, Value 5/5, Ease of Setup 5/5

3- Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag

Giant Bean Bag
Need a big bean bag chair? Simply choose the Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag. It's the perfect place to unwind at six feet wide. Two individuals are needed to set up the device, making it harder than other Giant bean bags. We liked its mattress pad-like sensation after assembly due to its high-quality foam blend. While soft and comfy, the filler is not as pliable as other options we explored.

Polyester suede covers the Jaxx Cocoon in several hues. If stained, you can quickly wash it in the machine. To vacuum all the hair and Cheerios from the bean bag cover required several tries. At least two individuals would be needed to remove the cover before washing it in the washer.

This bean bag is large, making it difficult to transfer between rooms. As with huge furniture, you'll need to put it in place and leave it there, like a floor pillow, rather than moving it. We had trouble moving this Large bean bag because it has no handle.

Material: Polyester cover and foam fillingHeight: 24 inchesSizes: One sizeWeight: 54 pounds | Certifications: Not listed

Pros - Adaptable , Fast 5 Days Shipping, 15 Days Money Back Guarantee

Cons - Giant Bean Bag Overweight, Expensive, 24/7 Live Chat Support not available, Soft Fur Bean Bag Cover

Our Ratings - Design 3/5 , Durability 5/5, Comfort 4/5, Value 3/5, Ease of Setup 4/5

4- Brentwood Home Bean Bag

Giant Bean Bag
The Repreve Bean Bag from Brentwood Home is a great eco-friendly bean bag chair. A lovely blend of reused foam and recycled polyester gel fiber makes the foam fill pleasant. This bean bag's stuffing gives more support and structure than EPS beads, keeping its shape longer.

The company's exclusive Repreve material, made from recycled plastic water bottles, is used to make the cloth cover. We love that the outside fabric and stuffing fulfill the Global Recycled Standard. Verified materials and appropriate techniques are employed.

We like that the cover is removable and washable. This makes spills and messes easy to clean up. The six hues of this bean bag include colorful and neutral possibilities. This smaller form, 27 × 27 inches, is ideal for kids and smaller spaces. Teen bean bags are 42 by 42 inches and come with a pillow for comfort.

Material: Polyester, Repreve material, nylon cover blend cover and foam filling | Height: 26 and 48 inches | Sizes: Kid Size and Adult Size | Weight: 19 and 24 pounds | Certifications: Not listed

Pros - Adaptable , Fast 10 Days Shipping, 15 Days Money Back Guarantee

Cons -  Overweight, Expensive, 24/7 Live Chat Support not available, Soft Fur Bean Bag Cover

Our Ratings - Design 4/5 , Durability 4/5, Comfort 3/5, Value 3/5, Ease of Setup 4/5