Bean Bags are dangerous?

Two deaths and a massive recall have raised concerns about beanbag safety. We sympathize with the families of the two children who died tragically in 2011 owing to their circumstances. As with most tragedies, media frenzy has overstated real threats.

Bean bags are as dangerous as other furniture. Avoid vinyl, a carcinogen. Risk exists when furniture or other goods are improperly used or lack safety features. Cribs, high chairs, mattresses, and toys have injured or killed many children and adults. All of these accidents, including bean bag ones, can be avoided if furniture and other products meet safety requirements.

Recalled bean bags-

Ace Bayou Corp. recalled about 2.2 million US-sold bean bags in August 2014 per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC's request. Because their zippers violate US safety standards, the bean bags are faulty. Suffocation killed a 13-year-old Texas boy and a 3-year-old Kentucky toddler who accessed the bags through their zippers.

If children open these bean bag chairs, they could inhale the polystyrene contents and choke, hence the zippers should be permanently secured or deactivated.

Recalled beanbags have two zippers: one for the outside cover and one for the inner liner. It's easy to open both because they have no security. Before July 2012, chairs came in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are spherical and 30–42 inches wide. Other L-shaped seats are 18x30x30 inches. Each beanbag was made in China.

They may be found in US stores like Brandnmart, Thebargaintown, Walmart, Big Lots, and Walmart. In addition, sold them for $30 to $100. The company requests that Ace Bayou chairs and circular bags be returned for replacements immediately. Ace Bayou offers a free kit to permanently seal zippers to prevent future instances.

Safety rules for bean bags

For years, malfunctioning bean bags have caused serious injuries. The new industry regulations aim to prevent such accidents. US manufacturers have agreed to the specs. Safety is mandatory in Australia. The CPSC issued voluntary regulations in November 1996 due to early 1990s safety concerns.

These specifications emphasize zippers. Beanbags that won't be filled must have their zippers permanently disabled or uninstalled. A tool is needed to open the locking zipper on refillable bean bags. Beanbag material should also be robust and tear-resistant.

The inside of the material should be double-stitched. The stitched material must be rigorously tested for safety. Suffocation and choking warnings must be on all bean bags. The ACCC regulates beanbag safety in Australia. The government adopted a US-like standard in 2004.

Be cautious while using beanbags

If youngsters can get into beanbags, their little contents can be dangerous. However, all US and Australian producers must obey safety regulations. If you're traveling or just want to make sure your bean bags are safe, check the zipper, material, and seams. If the filler is confined, large beanbag chairs are safe like any other furniture. Many doctors recommend them because of their advantages over normal seats.