5 compelling reasons why you should consider investing in a bean bag bed

Bean bags have been staples in living rooms and other social areas since the 1960s. But now that technology has progressed enough, they are now a common bedroom accessory. The bean bag is now a mature sleeping option.

When you initially hear about bean bag beds, the concept might seem absurd. Still, producers are getting much better at making textiles that are pleasant to wear. Because of this, beanbags can be used as an alternate to traditional beds.


The insides of modern bean bags are filled with extruded plastic beans. You may enjoy hours of pain-free lounging on your bean bag bed thanks to these since they are long-lasting, moisture-resistant, and exceptionally plush. Many individuals find that contemporary bean bag beds offer a more pleasant sleeping experience than traditional spring mattresses because of the unique bean sensation. y

Here are five reasons in which a bean bag bed might be a welcome addition to your home

When compared to the regular kind, this bed has many benefits. View it in action down below.

1. First and foremost, bean bag beds are perfect for outdoor use

Bean bag beds aren't just for indoors, as you might have assumed. In addition to being great indoors, these modern furnishings are perfect for use outdoors, particularly as cozy substitutes for poolside loungers.

A contemporary outdoor bean bag bed will not go soggy in the rain or pool thanks to its lightweight, waterproof, and cozy fabric. To further shield them from the sun's fading rays and brittle effects, many additionally have ultraviolet (UV) protection.

To keep them dry, most waterproof bean bag mattresses are crafted from PU-coated materials, which make them impenetrable to water on the exterior but allow water vapour to pass through on the inside. A bean bag bed with a PVC coating will not only keep water out, but will also not allow any moisture to transfer.

The majority of these bean bag beds have zippers and specially sealed seams to keep water out. Additionally, in the event that the interiors become damp, some manufacturers provide additional resistance to mold and mildew. In areas where spills are most likely to occur, waterproof bean bag beds are an excellent investment for the inside of your home.


2. Secondly, you can relocate a bean bag bed with ease

It is an enormous hassle to move a standard bed. Taking off the covers and sheets is the first step. After that, take the mattress out and put the frame parts back together. Depending on the design, moving it from one room to another could take at least one hour.

Bean bag beds eliminate all of these issues. If you need to relocate these beds quickly, you won't have to worry about disassembling and reassembling them because they are a single unit.

Bean bag beds tend to be quite supple and lightweight. You may easily transfer them from one room to another by picking them up. Plus, they're more than happy to make a U-turn or squeeze through narrow doorways. Their ability to move in various directions and fit into any place you desire sets them apart from traditional beds. Unlike with a standard bed, it is much easier to carry them up a curved flight of steps.

Going a step further, you may take the beans from the outer liner, put them in separate bags, and then stuff the bean bag bed again in its new spots—perfect for those who live in really cramped quarters. If you want to make a bed in your attic but can only get there by a little hatch, this is a fantastic alternative to consider.

If you're truly committed to your bean bag bed, you can even bring it to your neighbor's house or even throw it in the trunk if there's room. Because of its pliability and low weight, it is far more convenient to move than other furniture of a comparable size. It won't harm anyone's furniture or walls because it is soft and lacks harsh edges.


3. Thirdly, a bean bag bed will last for a very long time

It is commonly known that mattresses should be replaced every eight years. Installing several springs beneath layers of foam and material is a complex step in the building of a mattress. The end product is a plush mattress, but the price is high. Some mattresses might cost as much as $300 or more. Furthermore, they are not a bed but rather an individual part of it.

But, when their time comes to an end, bean bag mattresses are not only very durable, but also quite inexpensive to renovate.

The outer shell and the stuffing are the two primary components of a bean bag bed. The outer shell of a high-quality bean bag bed is typically constructed from a durable composite fabric that can endure years of wear and tear from the individuals who sit on it. Durable and long-lasting, high-denier textiles keep their shape and function well into old age.

On the other hand, you will need to replace the stuffing occasionally, but it won't cost you much. Stuffing options that are organic, like beans and rice, usually break down the quickest. The material qualities of the bean bags can be compromised and even caused by fragmentation if moisture manages to find its way inside. From time to time, they have the ability to smell.

Another well-liked choice is memory foam mattresses. These are great since they can mold to your every curve. However, worn-out foam eventually needs to be replaced.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP) are equivalent. Despite EPP's great comfort qualities and high strength-to-weight ratio, it will wear down with time. And EPS is no different. Nonetheless, it's fairly cheap to replace both materials.


4. Cushions are unnecessary

Bean bag beds are practical since they incorporate all the necessary components for a decent night's sleep into a single frame. The cushion is also part of that.

The shape of the "pillow" is determined by the particular model and brand of bean bag bed that you select.

A lot of what we call "bean bag beds" are really just big, flat bean bags that people use for sitting on. The majority of them feature a central valley where you can lower your body while your head is supported by the surrounding, higher material. Some have exterior shells that are custom-stitched to provide a raised bump, similar to a cushion, where you can rest your head.

Standard mattresses include pillows for a dual purpose. The first is the universal preference for sleeping with one's head propped up. It aids in the removal of pressure from the neck and the lymphatic system as people slumber. Plus, it's a great alternative to sleeping flat for those who suffer from back pain but yet want some comfort.

The second is the typical firmness of mattresses. They provide excellent back support, although they could be uncomfortable for certain people.

If you're looking for a way to elevate your head and relax on a supple mattress without using pillows, a bean bag bed is a great alternative. All the comfort you need is in one compact package with the internal beads, particularly the EPP, memory foam, and EPS varieties.


5. A bean bag bed is simple to clean

Cleaning a regular bed is a real pain. Although washing sheets is a breeze, removing perspiration, filth, and all other forms of moisture from a mattress is an absolute nightmare.

The majority of people simply learn to live with the reality that their brand-new mattress will start to smell and turn brown after a few years. In an effort to protect themselves against bed bugs and moisture, some people try to use plastic wrap that encircles their mattresses entirely. Doing so, however, alters the bedding's cozy qualities.

These problems do not arise when using bean bag beds. When it comes to cleaning, bean bag beds are a dream. The outer shell can be easily removed and washed according to the instructions. There are several layers that make bean bags water resistant. Plus, synthetic fillers make them impermeable to mildew, germs, bed bugs, and any other unwanted organic matter.

In the event that your bean bag bed gets wet and the odor persists after a few washes, you can simply remove the soaked beans from the inside and load it with fresh beans. For the duration of your bean bag's usage, the cover need to maintain its pristine condition.

The most important thing about bean bag mattresses is that you won't have to waste time dabbing to clean up spillage. These pieces of furniture are typically as casual as any other article of apparel. No specialized tools are required.


Final Words

Bean bag beds are great and should be used in every home. Instead of using a standard bed, you can take advantage of their many convenient and sanitary features. You will notice a change the moment you use them.