Temporary Tattoo Printer
Temporary Tattoo Printer
Temporary Tattoo Printer
Temporary Tattoo Printer
Temporary Tattoo Printer
Temporary Tattoo Printer
Temporary Tattoo Printer

Temporary Tattoo Printer

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Take temporary tattoos to the next level with this tech-forward printer from Prinker. Commitment-free and painless, the printer allows you to choose over 12,000 designs from the tattoo library that you can apply to your skin instantly. The tattoos are water-resistant (but wash off with soap) and last from one to three days. Tattoos were featured in the 2018 MoMA exhibition Items: Is Fashion Modern? 

Features of the Temporary Tattoo Printer include:

  • Choose from over 12,000 free tattoo designs.
  • Create your own tattoo designs using the Prinker app.
  • Each Cosmetic Ink set contains enough ink for up to 1,000 prints, so you can switch up your look every day. (Includes 3 cartridges: 1 black, 1 CM & 1 Y)
  • Prinker inks are made from certified, cruelty-free cosmetic ingredients and are FDA-, SCPN- and CPNP-compliant.
  • Prinker tattoos are water-resistant but soap washable.
  • The tattoos last from one to three days.

How to use the Temporary Tattoo Printer:

  • Download the Prinker app and sync your phone to the Prinker Printer.
  • Choose from over 12,000 available designs or create your own from scratch.
  • Send the design to the Prinker Printer.
  • Prime your skin with the cosmetic Skin Primer (included).
  • Roll the Printer on your body to bring the instant tattoo to life. 
  • The Temporary Tattoo Printer measures 9.65h x 7.4w x 2.68”d.

  • 5 Stars By Janitzel Ferrera on 2023-08-07
    Very good product!
    5 Stars By Paui York on 2023-03-21
    Long-lasting tatts with Primer Spray
    It worries me after reading some reviews about the Skin Primer. Found the full list of ingredients in the product description as well as their website and managed to confirm that I am not allergic to any of the ingredients. Guess that is why it made into the FDA list as cosmetic item.

    The reviews here also mentioned that their skin got dry and sticky after applying the Primer Spray. Guys, I think you guys sprayed too much. The instruction said one or two sprays as pre-coating and then one spray as post-coating. Worked totally fine for me, in fact, I love the smell!
    4 Stars By Lauren on 2023-08-11
    It took a couple of tries.
    It took a couple of tries, but it worked great after used a bit.
    5 Stars By Marcelino garcia on 2023-03-23
    The black ink is more intense and richer than actual tattoo!
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     I have several permanent inks on myself. Always prefer my tatts to be black, but I am surprised at the intensity that Prinker offers (the butterfly tattoos on the pic were made with Prinker). So rich, so intense. Never seen this kind of intensity with permanent ink. I also like the fact that we can upload our own design. Best way to try out designs (and sometimes try out the same design on diffrent body parts) before I decide on a permanent one. Highly recommended!
    5 Stars By Kimberly on 2023-04-09
    Worth the price for the number of tattoos that can be done
    I was very sceptical in the beginning as the price is really steep. In fact, this item has been in my shopping cart for months. I then came across a few product reviews online (check out the one by Beebom on Instagram) and upon further research, I decided to give it a try. After a few rounds of practices, I was sold! Looks just like a real tattoo. Does not smudge yet easy to remove with just water and soap.
    Looking at the price again, each tattoo costs roughly $0.20 (since it was advertised that the cartridge can do about 1,000 prints) - definitely worth the price! And don't even get me started on the designs that are available - so many to choose from!
    5 Stars By Rodrigo on 2023-05-21
    Excelente producto, lo recomiendo. Llego en perfectas condiciones y tal cual como lo describía el vendedor
    5 Stars By Redline on 2023-05-05
    Clear instructions, watch the video manuals, guys!
    I am a self-proclaimed technie. Love buying new gadgets and new tech. Never had the habit of reading product manuals (who reads them anyways?). I must admit, I blanked when I unbox it. Being the savvy user, I immediately google for their video manuals and follow them exactly. While the videos are simple, it takes less than 4 minutes to go through them all. So easy to achieve the perfect tattoo! The video manuals are on their youtube channel (you don't have to thank me).
    5 Stars By alumigogo Customer on 2023-03-19
    Good item
    5 Stars By Harry Obrien on 2023-07-07
    Good for event organizers
    I used this for one of my private parties recently and I must say, this is product is a match made in heaven for all event organizers.
    1) More than 1,000 prints per cartridge
    2) More than tens of thousands ready-designs (I picked some of these ready-to-use designs to match the theme of my party)
    3) Create your own tattoo design (you can even upload your own logo or any design that you have. So simple!)

    Event organizers! If you are not already using Prinker.... where have you been???
    4 Stars By Casey Chorba on 2023-07-11
    Super easy and fun!
    I got in the habit of drawing on myself from a very young age, but I’ve never been a great artist. Now that I have a Prinker I might finally kick the habit! You can download or create images in an app on your phone and print them on to your skin as temporary tattoos with this machine that fits in the palm of your hand! I’m obsessed. It takes a bit of practice to get the print right, but they’re easy to remove and redo. Price seems a little steep but you’re ultimately going to be saving money from the temporary tattoos you won’t be buying anymore!