Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones
Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones
Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones
Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones
Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones
Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones
Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones

Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones

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Are you tired of struggling to use your phone while accomplishing other tasks? Then look no further! Introducing the Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones - a revolutionary hands-free solution that will enhance your daily life. With a comfortable and flexible neckband, this innovative accessory allows you to keep your phone within easy reach while keeping your hands free for other activities.

📱 Lightweight and Flexible Neckband: The Magnetic Neck Mount features a lightweight and flexible neckband that contours comfortably around your neck. Made from durable materials, it is both soft to the touch and resistant to wear, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting user experience.

🔗 Built-in Magnetic System: The standout feature of this neck mount is its built-in magnetic system. Compatible with most smartphones, the mount comes with a magnetic attachment that provides a secure hold for your phone. With a simple and strong magnetic connection, effortlessly attach and detach your device for both stability and ease of use.

360-Degree Swivel Mount: Perfect for multitasking, the Magnetic Neck Mount allows you to adjust the viewing angle to your preference with its 360-degree swivel mount. Whether you're working, exercising, cooking, or just relaxing, your phone will always be easily accessible and within sight.


- Compatible with most smartphones
- Lightweight and flexible neckband
- 360-degree swivel mount


1. Adjust the neckband to your desired fit.
2. Attach the magnetic system to your phone.
3. Place your phone on the mount and adjust the viewing angle.
4. Enjoy hands-free phone use while on the go.

Directly suitable for iPhone 12 and above series mobile phones or mobile phone cases with MAGSAFE function; compatible with Android phones through the magnetic attraction sheet (included in the package).
Daily vlog shooting, jogging, traveling, hiking, etc. If you are worried about dropping your phone, you can use the safety rope included in the package.

Note: For intense activities or cycling, it is recommended to purchase a regular version of the neck mount. 

Packing List :
Neck mount * 1

Magnetic piece * 1 (Installed inside the phone case for use)

Cleaning kit * 1

Instruction manual * 1

Safety rope * 1


Q: Is this neck mount suitable for all phone models?
A: Yes, this mount is compatible with most smartphones.

Q: Can I adjust the viewing angle?
A: Absolutely! The 360-degree swivel mount allows you to customize the angle to your preference.

Say goodbye to the hassle of holding your phone while multitasking and say hello to the convenience and versatility of the Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones. With its modern design and practical features, it is the perfect accessory for the modern and hands-on individual. Keep your phone easily accessible and stay connected effortlessly with the Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones.