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Fully Automatic Chicken Egg Hatching Incubator Box

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Did you know that an egg incubator can hatch more eggs than a real hen? Our chick incubator was created to make the process of hatching eggs considerably easier and more convenient.

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The hatching box comes with a heater, allowing you to offer much-needed warmth to the eggs. Not only that, but the quail egg incubator has built-in water channels to assist you in creating the ideal humid atmosphere for hatching.

The quail incubator's see-through design allows you to keep an eye on the eggs during the incubation period. You'll be able to watch the chicks emerge from their shell until they fully emerge and begin walking this manner.

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The egg hatching incubator, best of all, speeds up the hatching of the eggs so you don't have to wait as long. Incubate the eggs in our superior automatic egg incubator all year to produce healthy chicks.


LARGE CAPACITY: The egg hatcher is equipped with numerous egg holders and can carry up to 20 normal eggs at a time. Its large size means that each egg receives sufficient warmth to help them grow at the same time.

VERSATILE The egg incubator has a clever control panel that makes it simple to turn on and regulate at any moment. You'll be able to change the temperature of the chick incubator in an instant this manner.

Instructive: The hatching box is not only practical, but it is also educational for children and adults of all ages. Our quail egg incubator displays the entire egg hatching cycle from start to end, giving viewers a unique experience.


Material: ABS
Voltage: 12V
Egg Capacity: 20 Eggs


1x Quail Incubator


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