Cat lounge - hammock - BRANDNMART
Cat lounge - hammock - BRANDNMART
Cat lounge - hammock - BRANDNMART
Cat lounge - hammock - BRANDNMART
Cat lounge - hammock - BRANDNMART

Cat lounge - hammock

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Let your cat floating on cloud 9!

The perfect oasis of peace for your beloved feline - Our cat lounge offers your cat a very special sleeping paradise! Whether she likes to look out the window or lie in your bed, here she will find comfort and safety at the same time.

No scratches, no worries - Our cat lounge is easy to attach without drilling or screwing and leaves no unsightly marks on your walls or windows. You can effortlessly move it to another place with just a single move and always give your cat the best view.

A piece of nature for maximum safety - Made of sturdy wood, our lounge carries cats up to 22 lbs effortlessly. With raised edges, we provide your cat with an extra dose of safety so you can rest assured that he won't fall off.

A clouds - You know that feeling when your cat loves to sleep in your bed? Now she has her own little paradise! Our high-quality cotton mat offers your cat a heavenly soft place to lie down. You'll love the improved sleep quality and your cat will love it.

Easy assembly, limitless fun - Assembling our cat lounge is a breeze and can be done in less than 15 minutes. With the adjustable, sturdy mount, it fits perfectly against any window, bed or even closet. The sturdy metal hooks ensure safe and long-lasting use.

Treat your cat to the ultimate sleeping accommodation! Order the cat lounge now and let your cat float on cloud nine!
  • A feeling like on cloud 9
  • High quality and durable
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Assembly takes place without drilling
  • Sturdy wood for more safety