Complete guide to buy bean bag lounger

Market reports say the world can't get enough bean bags. Given how comfy and attractive bean bags are, we understand. Additionally, many bean bag styles are available. Bean bag loungers are comfortable and flexible. Popular bean bag loungers can be used indoors or outdoors and provide a true relaxing experience.

The only issue? To complement your comfy bean bag lounger, grab a good book. Before buying the first bean bag lounger you see, decide on size, finish, and placement. Our bean bag lounger guide covers all this and more, so stay with us as we explain these comfy havens.


Beanbag Loungers

Bean bag loungers resemble loungers. Low to the ground, they offer sitting area to extend your legs. For comfortable resting, the bean bag's "backrest" is angled. Many bean bag patterns are comfy. However, outdoor loungers are more comfortable.

Bean Bag Lounger Advantages

Bean bags offer various benefits, starting with comfort. Bean bags conform to your body. No hard edges dig into you, and the polystyrene beads or other bean bag filler conforms to your shape.

Many people find bean bags help their backs. Bean bag loungers combine the comfort of a lounger with the body-molding power of bean bags. Bean bags also give a casual, laid-back vibe to your design.

Depending on the finish, leather, imitation leather, fur, etc. can look more upscale. While bean bag loungers are fun and casual, ours are covered in sleek, simple fabrics. They appear modern and match most home styles. Other benefits of bean bags include being cheaper than traditional furniture. y


Over $1,000 is typical for sofas, couches, and recliners. Even our luxury bean bag loungers cost under $200. This means you may remodel your style for less with bean bag furniture. Bean bag loungers save more.

Loungers are expensive, yet bean bags can provide the same or more comfort. Bean bag loungers are versatile because they can be used indoors and outdoors. Finally, bean bags are easy to maintain and clean.

Size Matters

Size is an important consideration when buying a bean bag lounger. Do you want a single or double bean bag lounger? Our Media Lounger is a single bean bag lounger that is more compact. However, larger bean bag loungers offer extra seating for cuddling with loved ones. Check out the Costa Premium double bean bag for an example.



Your desired finishes are also vital. Consider your current color palette and design style first.


If you like bright colors or Memphis-style furnishings, choose a bean bag lounger in brilliant blue or deep purple. If your design style is more lux, try a pure white or pale pink satin lounger. Grey and beige are wonderful neutrals for modern, basic color schemes. Take time to consider your bean bag finish, which can be casual, quirky, or sophisticated.


Indoors vs Outside

When choosing finishes, consider where you'll use your bean bag lounger. Outdoor finishing options are available for outdoor furniture. This fabric resists sun, stains, and water.

This allows them to withstand outside environments. Outdoor finishes are also appropriate if your bean bag will be in a high-traffic location, exposed to window sun, or pet and youngster activities.

Outdoor bean bags cost more than indoor ones. Their durable finish makes the extra expense worthwhile if your bean bag will be on your patio or yard. Additionally, an outdoor bean bag lounger can be used indoors or outdoors. A bean bag lounger made for indoor usage would degrade faster if used outside.

Pool Beanbag Chairs

If you have a pool, try a bean bag lounger. These pool-floating bean bag loungers are 100% waterproof. Imagine floating in your pool in a bean bag. Bean bag pool loungers are more comfy and back-supportive than pool floats. Their thickness and size allow you to avoid getting wet.

Pool bean bag loungers keep you semi-upright when resting. You can drink or read your favorite book while soaking up the sun. Finally, pool bean bag loungers can be moved around your poolside as a float and lounger. Value for money! If you're looking for pool bean bag loungers, check out our superior Amalfi Pool Lounger in many colors.


Decorating With Bean Bag Loungers

Are you thrilled about decorating with bean bags? If so, consider these. A bean bag lounger requires more space than a standard bean bag. Bean bag loungers take up more space, so plan accordingly. Be aware that many bean bag loungers can be used indoors and out. So you can plan dual placement.

The light polystyrene bead stuffing makes bean bags easy to move. If you choose a bean bag lounger with an exterior finish, you can use it to relax outside or indoors in an empty area of your veranda or living room.

Tips for decorating a living room with bean bags First, designate a space to your bean bag. This will make it blend into your design. Squash your bean bag in and it won't look as good. If the furniture towers over you, you won't sit on it as much.

Bean bag styling is another consideration. Try putting a tiny side table next to it and a picture on the wall or a huge house plant to create a "moment". Clustering decor and furniture like this creates focal points and gives your home a "designed" look.


Where To Use Bean Bags

We've discussed how to build using bean bag lounges, but let's quickly review some of their uses. Bean bags are usually thought of as lounge or patio furniture. However, they make fantastic sitting and adornment in other places.


Have you ever wanted a comfortable place to get a break or rest while on a call in your home office? Maybe you can't afford or fit a full-sized couch. In these cases, bean bag loungers are great. They instantly lend a relaxed, playful, and quirky air to offices. They're inexpensive and comfy.


The nursery may be another unexpected setting for a bean bag lounger. Bean bag loungers are fantastic for cuddling with your baby during naps and feeds. They're soft and have no harsh edges, so your baby won't bang their head while hugging.

Guest Rooms

Guest room seating can include bean bag loungers. In a guest room, a few of seats are excellent. In a bean bag lounger in their room, your overnight guests can relax alone.

Kid's Rooms

Kids' bedroom are another good area for bean bags. Bean bags are entertaining and easy to purchase in bright colors for kids' rooms. You can't go wrong with bean bag loungers for teens. It may keep them off your favorite couch spot!


Shopping for a Bean Bag Lounger

Before buying a bean bag lounger, check for a few things. First, comfort matters. We make our Bean Bags R Us bean bags to be extremely comfy. High-quality coverings and liners are also important. We also focus on this. Our coverings are composed of Polyester 1680D, a durable bean bag furniture material. Many bean bags use 420D polyester. Finally, check sure your bean bag has a childproof zipper.

Bean Bag Chair Upkeep

Bean bags are easy to maintain. Depending on the cover and liner, you can wash the cover or wipe down PU covers with a mild soap. Even waterproof outdoor bean bag loungers should be stored away from moisture. This avoids mildew and watermarks and increases their longevity. Finally, rinse your pool bean bag lounger after use in water or seawater.

Seeking the greatest bean bag loungers?

Bean bag loungers are ultra-comfortable. Their lounger comfort and bean bag body-molding effects provide epic relaxation. Indoors or out, you can use them at home. Bean bag loungers are comfortable and unusual decor. Looking for the greatest bean bag loungers? You're in the right place. Bean Bags R Us sells indoor and outdoor bean bag loungers. Check out our bean bag loungers!