The 9 best ways to lounge on a bean bag

The forecast is for bean bag chairs to generate $120 million in sales by 2024. Not only that, but in 2017 America dominated the global market for bean bag chairs, accounting for about 67% of all sales. It follows that there is a genuine increase in demand for bean bag chair décor. Are bean bag living room designs your thing? You've arrived at the right site then. Here are nine suggestions for bean bag-lovers' lounging areas:

1. The traditional style

The nicest thing about bean bags, though? They offer your sitting space a great deal of diversity because of their spherical design. In other words, bean bags go with any sort of décor in your house. Lacking direction? Pick matching-print decorative bean bag chairs if possible. Prints seen in some of the newest bean bag room designs include:

  • Cotton weaved
  • An old leather
  • Easy velvet
  • Clothing knitted

One can always stick to a basic design. But if you want something more funkier, a bean bag with little geometric patterns is a great option. General rule: the simpler the bean bag decor in the living room, the better. That's the reason a classic design should be the hallmark of the ideal bean bag chair for your den.

2. Pure white everything

Would want to give your sitting space a more cool, collected appearance? Then, when brainstorming bean bag ideas, you might want to include the "all white everything" color scheme. How might you put this to use? For the covering of your bean bag chair, go with white textiles. Your cushion will then look great against your white walls. White bean bag pairs also well with:

  • White rugs, or rugs with a trace of grey
  • Glazed furniture
  • Black tilework
  • Extra credit if your white bean bags coordinate with a stylish rug and polished floorboards! y

3. Country chic

Do you adore the worn-in style? Your house should think about getting a country chic makeover. And what more effective means of doing it than with bean bags? You may question how I can possible enhance my country style with bean bags. Answer is easy. Verify the material of your beanbags to be natural, such as:

4. Leather

Not sure why. Since the natural hue of your bean bag chair makes a wonderful touch to a sitting area with a rustic motif. Its color scheme will also undoubtedly match your living space, as if that weren't enough.

5. Scandinavian design

In any case, what precisely is Scandinavian style? The Scandinavian style is basically defined by a small number of essential components, such:

  • Only white walls
  • Engineered hardwood flooring
  • modern furniture

Try, therefore, to make your bean bag chair look like it belongs in an IKEA. Would like your sitting room to have a really contemporary, Scandivanian vibe? Bean bag shapes should be varied throughout your space. Among the most often used bean bag shapes, for instance, are the classic circular one:

  • Bean bag squares
  • Bean bags in the shape of boats, long
  • Pointy bean bags

Would like to discover how to decorate your living area with Scandinavian style? Put four bean bags into each of a rectangular room's corners. Should that not be your style, you may alternatively use one as a footstool or arrange many bean bag seats around a small table.

6. Combine elements

This is insane—you can arrange bean bags in your living room to match sofas! That implies that a little stuffed bean chair can be used to decorate your sitting area. It gets better. For a whimsical touch, you may even include a bean bag footstool. Moreover, you might experiment with combining several beanbag kinds like:

  • Cosy bean bag chairs
  • Sectionals with bean bags
  • Cube bean bags
  • Sofas made of bean bags

Even now not persuaded? This is why before purchasing bean bags, it's always a smart idea to consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Vintage eclectic

Who knew you could have a retro eclectic appearance with bean bag chairs? If fusion design is new to you, start by incorporating a bean-shaped nap bean bag chair into your sitting space. Trick of the trade? To achieve the old world eclectic vibe, choose a range of hues.

Keep to two distinct hues and make sure they complement the color scheme of the entire space. The best part, though, is that you can achieve this appearance by substituting a large, overstuffed bean bag chair for your sofa. Cause? For it's a really cozy approach to provide your sitting area a hippie vibe.

7. The accent piece

Investing on a cozy accent item for your living space is the best way to tackle the bean bag chair fad. How, though, can you update your area with a chic and unique bean bag chair? It is easier than you would imagine. One can always select a distinctive bean bag chair with a:

  • Strongly contrasting color
  • Eye-catching form
  • Special dimensions

Ideas running out? Have a look at buying a cushion bean bag chair, a corner bean bag chair, or one with a personalized design. A bean bag chair with arm support is an additional amazing accent piece. That will enable your visitor to lounge upright with great back support. Just keep in mind to get one in a unique hue that complements your wardrobe.

8. The invasion by turquoise

Interior design still has turquoise as its champion color. This vivid hue is therefore often used to adorn walls and bean bag chairs alike. Not sure if turquoise bean bag chairs are for you yet? Then you ought to be aware of the abundance of fascinating materials available, such as:

9. Canvas with Microsuede Faux Fur

We strongly advise you to start modest if this is your first time using turquoise cushions into your home. You won't overpower your sitting space with a single color that way. Purchasing a cool geometric-shaped bean bag chair in primarily white with accents of blue is another excellent suggestion.

To become used to the color scheme, you may even try out a turquoise ottoman with white polka dots. Uncertain about how to coordinate the color scheme of your room with your turquoise ottoman? Simply hang an ocean-themed artwork and paint your walls white. Your decorating abilities will most likely wow your guests!

10. Playroom paradise

Ever wish to create a playroom paradise out of your sitting area? It's never a bad idea to set up a few bean bag chairs in a corner of your living room for kids to play on, even if it might not be feasible to convert the entire space.

For families who desire a lively atmosphere in their sitting area, bean bag chairs are therefore the best option. Moreover, playing on them is rather safe for children. They are also be moved about to create more play area. Just be sure the bean bag chair you choose has:

  • washingable cloth
  • Form round
  • Primary color

Why not go for a bean bag chair with a kid-friendly emoji, such as a heart-eyed cheerful face? This is a great approach to give a little area of your living room a younger touch. Alternatively, if you're having a movie night in. Arranging a movie night with the family?

Put your youngster in their own bean bag chair so they can watch a movie with their loved ones as well. Fear not, if you are still a child in heart. You can still sit in a playroom bean bag chair as long as you weigh less than 200 pounds!

Top ideas for bean bag seating areas

We have the best bean bag sitting area ideas if you're looking for some inspiration. It can be daunting for someone who has never had a bean bag chair in their house to select the ideal one for your living area. You shouldn't, however, pull your hair out trying to find the perfect bean bag for you.

Really, with our helpful guidance, choosing the ideal ottoman ought to be easy. Bean bag chairs come in a plethora of fascinating forms, designs, and hues. Here you have it, then. With the top bean bag decorating tips at your disposal, it's time to get creative. Want assistance selecting the ideal bean bag chairs for your home space? Get in touch now!