How to use bean bag loungers to add seating to any room

Most people associate "bean bag chair" with vividly colored (usually deflated) sweaty pleather sacks stuffed into a dark corner of a room. Since bean bags debuted in the 1970s, furniture has altered.

The bean bag lounger has evolved from a youthful bedroom accessory to an elegant complement to any decor. How do you incorporate these comfy, adaptable pieces into your home? Learn how to style a bean bag lounger in any room or style.


How to use a Bean Bag Lounger Anywhere

You can throw a bean bag next to a coffee table to make it work, but if you want to put more thinking into it, follow these instructions.

1. Measure Your Space

Measure your space before buying enormous bean bags to put on your couches. Consider these questions:

  • I want how many bean bags in the space?
  • Can I make more room for them?
  • Can I remove furniture from the room?
  • Should bean bags replace seating? Should I add more options?
  • Try several layouts when designing your room remodel. Bean bags are unique and inviting—so can your room!

2. Choose Your Theme

After measuring your space, consider your bean bag's appearance. Avoid buying bean bags that clash with your room's strong color palette. Ask yourself:

  • What material and color complement the space?
  • Do I want to showcase room design?
  • Do I want to change anything?
  • After understanding how bean bags can transform your area, choose a type.


3. Place Bean Bags

Bean bags can be placed in countless ways due to their many shapes, sizes, and covers. Avoid placing them near taller seating like sofas or dining chairs. Sitting together at eye level is the goal. Create a bean bag seating area in your living room. This room suits small groups and teens.

A bean bag in a foyer or long corridor is another idea. Do you know that family member who's usually ready first? They can now wait in luxury on a bean bag chair.

4. Pick a Texture

Bean bag covers were once limited, but manufacturers now provide hundreds. Assess your room and choose a texture. Choices include:

Faux-fur, Leather, Silk, Cashmere, Denim, Microsuede, Cotton, Linen, Corduroy.
In high-traffic areas, heavier fabrics ground the space, while lighter fabrics are elegant. Variety of bean bag coverings provide for design flexibility without sacrificing comfort.

5. Pick a Bean Bag

After making sure you have enough space, choose a bean bag that fits.


Beanbag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are one of the most adaptable bean bag shapes and come in any shape! Bean bag chairs provide soft, supportive seating for any occasion, place, and theme, from structural chairs with cozy armrests to voluptuous, fluffy spherical seats.

Big Bean Bags

Large bean bags are ideal if bean bag chairs don't fit. These large cuddle-magnets are comfy! These gigantic bean bags can be used in small spaces to add seating or in a room for maximum cuddle.

Lounge Beanbags

Alternatives to living room sofas include bean bag loungers. Beanbag loungers come in several styles. We have day beds, modular sofas, and outdoor loungers. Perfect for reading, relaxing, lounging in the sun, watching TV, or any activity that puts your feet up and reduces tension.

Bean Bag Ottomans

Buy bean bag ottomans if you want the look of a bean bag but don't have the space. These are usually square or circular. Round ottomans can be used as footstools or seating to add color, pattern, and texture to a room in a controlled way.

Why not get numerous poufs to seat kids around a larger ottoman? Modern interiors with many angular characteristics benefit from square ottomans' slight softness and functionality.


Pool Bean Bags

Regular plastic pool floats are uncomfortable, noisy, hard to inflate up, and unpredictable in the water. Our pool bean bags can fit two adults, are easy to clean, and dry rapidly.

Outdoor Bean Bags

Outdoor bean bags are weatherproof. They make outdoor fun comfortable. Patios, pools, gardens, and boats benefit from fade-resistant, water-resistant outdoor bean bags!

Kids Bean Bags

Bean bags were originally designed to provide pleasant, cheap seating for children. What kid doesn't like a soft bean bag? And (more importantly), what parent wouldn't want durable, mess-proof kid seating? Our baby bean bags can handle vigorous play and are easy to replenish if your child goes crazy.

Pet Bean Bags

Why shouldn't pets have bean bags like kids and parents? Our fluffy dog bean bags will make your pet slumber like never before. These bean bags are soft and comfy for your dogs, sturdy, and easy to clean.


Can a bean bag lounger be used anywhere?
Short answer: yeah! Long response explains how this works:

Living Space

A relaxed living area needs bean bag sofas like our Brooklyn modular bean bag sofa. Bean bag sofas add design and versatility without sacrificing comfort or taking up yards of space, making them ideal for movie evenings, pillow forts, and rainy days spent reading by the fireplace.

Never before has snuggling been so effortless. Two-seater bean bag sofas are more comfortable and convenient than bulky couches and loveseats.

Entertainment Zones

If you don't want bean bag seats in your living room 24/7, put them neatly on storage closet or cabinet bottom shelf. Smaller dwellings benefit from this layout since it clears the floor for daily use. It also provides comfortable and versatile seats for guests.


Outside Seating

Is the pool area a room? We agree. Our pool bean bags are vital outdoor seating. Durable, adaptable, and comfy, you and your visitors can rest in Australian summers. Our Polyester 1680D bean bags are four times thicker than others. They can resist harsh weather and last for years with proper care.

Office at Home

Has telecommuting taken its toll? Bean bag chairs relieve back ache! Modern bean bags support your back, unlike the old ones that hurt when you stood up.

Reading Book

Making a reading corner starts with a bean bag chair, whether you read for work or just love books. Reading in bed or bent over a desk can hurt your posture. Bad posture slowly weakens your spine and makes it vulnerable to injury. Sitting on a bean bag chair helps support your back as you read.

Place your bean bag near a window for best reading light. For late-night readers, place a floor lamp beside the bean bag. We recommend placing your bean bag near a power outlet to charge e-readers and phones without an extension cord.


Does a bean bag lounger fit any style?

Yes! With enough interior design skills, bean bag furniture can look great next to a sleek coffee table or between vivid floor cushions and pot plants. Your personal style and how you employ each room design aspect determine it!

Seating in a bohemian living room

Bean bags are ideal for boho living rooms due to their laid-back vibe. Use these strategies to decorate your fantasy eclectic and whimsical living room:

Jewel-Toned or Neutral Bean Bags

Bohemian style is earthy with vibrant jewel colors. Make comfortable seats stand out or blend in while matching the room's style. Top tip: If our colors don't match your dream color, choose a neutral and purchase a blanket or throw pillows in that color.

Heighten with Other Elements

Bean bag seating may make a room feel bottom-heavy. For visual balance, choose tall furnishings. For an eclectic bohemian look, add bookshelves, tall plants, bold floor lamps, or a gallery wall.


Contemporary office seating

Modern home design has a different vibe. Modern furniture has sharp corners and angles. The idea that modern is unpleasant is a misconception. Modern offices may be pleasant and appealing! Modern design employs minimalism and understatement. Used bean bag seats to contrast hard lines and soft feel. This makes the area more adaptable, helps prevent coldness, and reduces work-related backache. Working from home won't be a chore on a bean bag seat!

Ultimate bean bag lounger comfort

Bean bags enhance every room. Their portability and adaptability make them global favorites! Comfortable and affordable, a bean bag completes your home. Order today to enjoy our bean bag chairs' unmatched comfort. Contact us today to learn about our bean bag loungers' unparalleled quality, classic design, and comfort.