How to Pick the Best Pool Bean Bags

Bean bags are replacing inflatables as the favorite poolside lounger. If you're considering this investment, you may want answers to your biggest questions. Everyone wants to know if bean bags are safe, float, and waterproof. We'll answer the most important questions in the tutorial.

You should choose a bean bag that meets all your needs among the many options. As bean bag specialists, you can trust our advice. Continue reading for all the details.

Do bean bags float?

You may immediately wonder if bean bags float. They do if you buy the right kind. Never before have so many people chosen pool bean bags. What's more relaxing than a sunny pool day? These seats are for that. Their talents include floating.

Why use a pool bean bag?

Pool bean bags outperform pool inflatables for many reasons. Bean bags offer more than floating, as we've seen. First, inflating them doesn't require a pump or sitting down. Perhaps many would find that lengthy process too stressful. Many like that they last longer than cheap inflatables.

Another great thing about pool bean bags is their wide selection of sizes. There's a pool bean bag for everyone, from small ones for kids to giant ones for groups. Not usually, as you can see from the many inflatables offered. When used in a pool, floating bean bags are more comfortable than inflatables.

Inflatables aren't as soft as faux leather pool bean bags. Thus, consider it when making your own decision. Comfort is crucial when lounging by the pool, and the right bean bag makes all the difference.


Chlorinated and Saltwater Pools

Understanding how water affects bean bags is vital to their ultimate appearance. Coating your pool bean bag is vital since chlorine bleaches. Check for them before buying. Otherwise, pool chlorine would degrade the bean bag's color. Because chlorine doesn't bleach saltwater pools, you can relax if you have one or plan to use one near the water.

Saltwater pools have drawbacks. It's crucial to check salt accumulation on bean bags with a rough surface. It's fine to rinse the bean bag after each use or remove any excess salt.

Sun-Damaged Bean Bag

UV radiation from sunlight can potentially change your bean bag's look. Without proper protection, a bean bag's color will fade from UVR exposure. Look for bean bags with stabilizers to stabilize your pool. The bean bag's color will be less impacted by UV light.

Choose a bean bag with UV protection to avoid wasting money on one that fades and fails after a few months. High-quality pool bean bags also have UV-resistant thread. This is necessary to retain the bean bag and thread color. It protects a summer-used product from the sun.


Choose the right color

Choose a color you enjoy for your pool bean bag to show your individuality. A customizable bean bag may have multiple colors to mix and match. Pick the method you like most. Many people match their pool bean bag to their umbrellas or chairs.

That may be what you want because it creates visual uniformity. Another factor to consider while choosing a bean bag color. The shade you choose can affect how well you can relax and enjoy a warm pool day since color retains heat. When used in the sun, darker hues retain heat better and get hotter. Thus, lighter colors are preferred.

Water-Resistant or Waterproof?

Before putting your bean bag in the pool, verify the label for waterproof vs. water-resistant. Knowing the differences in bean bags is crucial when choosing one. A water-resistant bean bag is a less desirable pool bean bag because it can survive most water but not all.

Waterproof bean bags are impenetrable to water. So you may use them in the pool without anxiety, and unlike water-resistant products, they won't deteriorate. Bean bags' durability and lifetime matter.

If you use the pool often, either option will work well in the near run. In the distant future, challenges will arise. Water Resistant bean bags wear out faster and need to be replaced, while waterproof ones stay longer.

Pool bean bag order online

If you've decided you want a pool bean bag, get one online. Looking for this product? You'll find quality and comfortable pool bean bags at our store. Please browse and contact us with any questions on how we might help.

Most people find it easiest to buy pool bean bags online, where you may find the best choices at the lowest prices. A high-quality bean bag that can handle anything doesn't have to be expensive.

Choosing the right pool bean bag is essential. Avoid second-guessing by doing things right the first time. We hope this guide has prepared you to browse our pool bean bag collection.