5 ways to style your space with a bean bag sofa

Any living area would benefit naturally from the plush, supportive, and incredibly comfy bean bag sofa. It's time to update and improve your decor with this imaginative and playful design if you're over stiff, straight-back couches and sectionals.

Whatever your personal style—modern and minimalist, bohemian and funky, or somewhere in between—you can discover a bean bag sofa to suit your needs and go well with your current furnishings. Addition of a bean bag ottoman would also be worthwhile.

Uncertain of how to smoothly include this new item into your house? We are going to show you five strategies today to reorganize and modify your present arrangement to make room for these useful loungers!

Describe a bean bag sofa

Let's go quickly over the fundamentals of a bean bag sofa before we get into the different locations for one in your house. A bean bag sofa functions, in short, just as its name suggests.

You may fill this extended sitting area—or a combination of several sitting spaces—with beans and position it wherever in your house. Our bean bag couches work wonderfully in a playroom, a casual den, a formal living room, or even a home theater.

Note that beans are not included; we only supply the furniture covers. Our website lists a large selection of bean bag lounges that we have available. These large bean bag chairs are lightweight and portable at the same time as being wide enough to cradle you in comfort!

Want one to use with the patio projector to watch movies beneath the stars? View our top-selling commercial-grade lounge, the Outdoor Media Lounge. Whether you're festival-hopping or just lounging around your house, this lounge has clever features that make it last for years in addition to providing weatherproof, practical seating for outdoor events.

Among these are strong YKK zippers for double protection and incredibly resilient 1680D polyester fabric.


Similar to the lounge above and many others on our website is a bean bag sofa. It adds more modular sections to make it as long as you need, combining the usefulness and extra space of a bean bag lounge. Seeking a sectional with bean bags that will outperform even the best traditional sofas? More than meets the need is our Brooklyn Modular Bean Bag Couch. Of this work, the three superstars are:

Armless Ottoman Corner Chair

These distinct pieces, which come in camel or charcoal gray, fit together beautifully but are sold separately. 200 litres of beans are needed for the bean bag ottoman, 300 litres for the corner chair, and 400 litres for the armless chair. Along with being fade- and water-resistant, the premium fabric cleans up quickly.

You will particularly value how simple it is to clean and maintain this item if you have a family full of active young children. All that being said, how can you make it work in your house? Five important things to remember are examined here.

1. Go for equilibrium

Always remember balance whether you're arranging current furniture or adding new items. For good reason, this is a fundamental tenet of several design systems, including Feng Shui. A well proportioned living space just feels better.

You move more fluidly about it, and everything seems to fall into line. How can you be sure that balance isn't upset by your new bean bag sofa? Look around the space after you've carried it in and set it where you want it.

Do you have most of your visually striking things concentrated in one spot or on one side of the room? If so, look around for any furniture that you can move. If your Brooklyn bean bag couch and a long antique sideboard are housed in the same room, for example, attempt to arrange the two striking items across from one another.

This keeps one side from looking unduly weighty and adds visual interest to the room. Two armchairs across from your sofa might also help to create harmony and ease visual tension. Why not continue the trend and include a couple of our bean bag chairs in place of traditional wing-back chairs or recliners? Best-selling and especially stylish in a rich, vivid color, is the Merlin.

2. Keep the traffic moving

A bean bag couch can use up a lot of room, particularly in a tiny room. This is a nice thing most of the times! Warmth and filling of the space are contributed by it. Although minimalist décor can be really beautiful, it can also come across as a little cold if there aren't some cosy items to give depth.

Think about how traffic moves around the room now before you put your bean bag sofa there. Usually, people enter and leave it from where? Do they need to be able to move from one end to the other by leaving a specific route clear?

Remembering all of these factors will help you choose the best location. You should never, if at all feasible, arrange your furniture such that someone has to go around it in order to enter your space.

Putting this aspect into careful thought now can help you prevent dangerous trip dangers later on. Think about traffic flow as well if you're setting a coffee table in front of the sofa. Walking between the table and the sofa and then sitting down should be simple for people.

People could trip if these two parts are too close together. Too far apart and the table stops working. Eighteen inches or so will usually do.

3. Move it away from the wall

You may be forced to smush your new bean bag sofa up against the living room wall if your space is restricted. This can create a difficult-to-decorate area in the middle of the room, even if it can also create more space. Rather, think about floating the sofa at least a few feet from the wall.

Along with giving your design breathing room, this can assist with the previously mentioned traffic patterns. It also gets much easy to put accessories around and beside your bean bag sofa once you make this one small adjustment.

To allow for late-night reading, for example, you can position a floor lamp on one side. Then, on the other, you may put a little side table or magazine rack. Thinking about where to put your sofa if the wall is off limits? Attempt a couple of these instead:


Any windows should not be blocked since they might be great natural light sources. Still, you might be able to fit it right under your windowsill if the back of yours is really low. If you would want to install window treatments, leave about a foot of room. One piece of advice.

To avoid having the sun bleach your material, it's preferable to keep the blinds or drapes shut during the hottest portion of the day. Still, this can be a really comfortable place to curl up!

Facing another place to sit

As we've already said, a sofa that is positioned across from two chairs, a loveseat, or another sofa produces a wonderfully balanced design. Like to add a couple more of our designs here? Try Brandnmart Bean Bag Chair in two tones and you'll have lots of delicious spots for your visitors to sit!

Across from a mantel

Will your living room see the installation of your bean bag sofa? In such case, you may always arrange it to face your mantel. This is a natural location if you intend to unwind on your couch and watch the big game because many homeowners decide to install their television immediately over their mantel! Here, your sofa should face the mantel, which is probably the room's focal point.

Centre of the space

While some may find this design idea a little unexpected, you may be pleasantly delighted by how nicely your bean bag sofa fits in the center of your space. Keep with couches with side profiles and lower backs to prevent blocking or obscuring the view.

This is where our Brooklyn model most obviously shines. The bold move of placing your sofa in the center of the room creates conversation spots right away, for starters. For bigger living spaces or for homes with an open concept design where the living, kitchen, and dining rooms are all combined, this makes it an excellent option.

4. Use tones from artwork

The Brooklyn comes in two subdued hues. That means you can really enjoy the artwork you use to highlight it! Showcasing the various tones of the furniture in a space is made easy with wall art.

Seek for a gloomy nighttime landscape with hints of tan and inky black if you want to hang a complementing artwork. Or, using a piece that contrasts, you can do the exact opposite! In such situation, stay with cheerful, light-colored prints, like a vibrant geometric pattern.

Put the wall where the back of your sofa is if one exists. That way, everyone entering the space can see every color at once.

Put in an area rug

You'll fill your bean bag sofa with beads, and its silky fabric will make it opulently comfortable already. It can be made much more dramatic, though, by introducing a coordinating-toned area rug.

Think on the demands of your family and the way you want to use the area while selecting the ideal rug. Generally speaking, a low-pile rug is better if you have many children or dogs.

Usually easy to clean, these withstand years of use and abuse with ease. But it's really a matter of taste; ultra-long shag rugs also hide pet hair and stains really well! Standard sizes are 8 by 10 and 9 by 12 feet. Uncertain of the best size for your living room?

Generally speaking, your rug should be at least six inches wider than your sofa on all sides; eight inches is preferable. Much smaller than that, it can appear out of proportion. If it's considerably bigger, it can give the impression that your bean bag sofa is smaller than it actually is.

Remember when you arrange your furniture that most sofas run the length of a rug rather than the width. Painter's tape can always be used to measure out your rug before you decide to purchase it! This can make the size genuinely fit in your room easier to imagine.

Discover your ideal bean bag sofa right now

Among the most surprising—yet delightful—additions to your living space can be a bean bag sofa. The height of casual elegance, it can readily accessorized with blankets and throws to appear upscale.

If you're trying to find one of your own, starting with our Brooklyn sofa is a terrific idea. Add your filler and you're good to go for years of enjoyment with your new piece. Although the advice given above will make setting up your sofa simple, we're also here to assist you make the most of your new addition.

Shop our entire online inventory of loungers, bean bag seats, and more. Please don't hesitate to ask our staff any queries along the road.