The ways in which bean bag furniture raises staff productivity

At some time in our lives, most of us have come across bean bag furniture, but these interactions nearly invariably take place in private, residential environments.

Small bean bags in a kid's room corners, large bean bags in a home study room, or weatherproof bean bags outside on a patio or next to a swimming pool are all possible. But bean bags are suddenly common in the most improbable of places: professional workplaces.


Offices of cool companies are cozy

A lot of businesses have adopted the notion in recent years—especially those in the technology sector—that having happy and calm employees will lead to higher productivity.

The effects of hiring contemporary architects and interior designers by startups and corporations worldwide to include opulent, distinctive, or ultra-ergonomic concepts into the offices at their main and regional headquarters have been startling. The following companies are only a handful of those that have implemented cozy work spaces, many of which incorporate bean bag furniture.


Livingsocial, a Washington, DC-based company, uses bean bag furniture.
The executives claim LivingSocial's cozy environment represents the company's mission and facilitates worker interaction and project collaboration. Old doors and shutters over the windows go with the exposed brick walls. A huge, mirror wall, an HD projection screen, and a skeeball table are all part of one of the common areas.

Shoes at Zappos in Las Vegas, Nevada

Although the online shoe business Zappos, which Amazon recently acquired, still has a cubicle office with low walls, the ceiling has been turned into a verdant jungle. Stuffed animals, toys, and other decorations are welcome to be added by employees themselves.


Billund, Denmark Lego

Lego has converted its offices into outdoor play areas with ceilings painted to resemble puffy-clouded blue skies and fake grass flooring. At little, plastic tables, staff members sit on the floor or in short bean bags. Employees can play with Lego to generate new ideas in this cozy and enjoyable environment. Lego management claims that the workplaces have increased productivity and staff morale.

Thinkgarden, Milan, Italy

Though they work a minimum of fifty hours a week, ThinkGarden's staff members do it in a workplace that is fashioned to resemble nature, complete with open skylights, flowers, trees, and bean bags fashioned like boulders and big stones.


Large Japanese population in Dallas, Texas

A mobile app company named Big in Japan uses open floor plans and lots of cozy and soothing features including foosball tables, flat-screen TVs, video game consoles, and bean bag loungers.

Google New York

Though it is really only the most well-known business to adopt cool offices, Google is frequently credited as the inventor of them. Unique ideas include soundproof rooms with electric guitars, microphones, and drum kits; rooms with hammocks; indoor bamboo gardens; and rooms with a range of multi-colored bean bags and bouncing balls.

Canada Hootsuite

Just opened in Vancouver is Hootsuite's second headquarters. There is a 24-hour gymnasium and huge, opulent bean bags all throughout the place, all themed in the manner of a 1950s ski lodge.


Why build bean bag seats inside offices?

Google headquarters' bean bags It is easiest to understand the rationale for the large bean bag seats in the cozy offices of Kaiser Permanente by looking at their efforts to modernize their headquarters.

Kaiser researchers looked examined the designs of companies in the technology industry, such as Google, Oracle, and Pandora. They saw that these firms employed designs intended to promote cohesion and relaxation.

Forschungsgruppe Kaiser

The Kaiser researchers also found that by being boring and isolating employees into little rooms with artificial lighting, walls separating them from one another, and dreary colors, traditional office spaces inhibit innovation. Barely more than a table, seats, and some basic kitchenware, break rooms were likewise uninspired.

Four huge offices with natural lighting, vivid colors, and unreserved seating replaced 33 tiny offices at Kaiser Permanente, and staff members were happier and more productive. Furthermore ideal for drawing in fresh talent and keeping productive staff members by encouraging loyalty are these kinds of offices.


According to study by the British Council of Offices, sixty percent of employees claimed that working in comfortable settings boosted their productivity. 43 percent of workers between the ages of 18 and 24 said they preferred non-traditional offices, while only 28 percent said they would rather work in typical, corporate-style offices, according to a different survey titled the What Workers Want Report.

According to Daniel Kreighton-Foster, CEO of a major Australian IT company, productivity increased and staff loyalty increased when he redesigned his offices with bean bags and games. Longer stays and harder work by employees cut the expense of recruiting, hiring, and training new hires.


Raising output with bean bag furniture

While raising productivity in the office has never been easy, a Gallup survey revealed that employee inspiration and engagement are essential. Bean bags can be a part of many of the approaches that can be used to accomplish this:

Inspire cooperation and teamwork at work

Fostering cooperation and teamwork can considerably increase productivity. One approach to do this is to design bigger offices with shared furnishings. Comfortable and big enough to hold two, three, or even four adults, are oversized bean bags.

Create a motivating work atmosphere

Give staff members a reason to remain in the workplace instead of leaving for home or elsewhere to boost productivity. Workers feel imprisoned and will bolt at the first opportunity when they are packed into cramped, dull cubicles with harsh furnishings and intense, fluorescent lighting. They will be more than glad to stay and complete some work if you offer them cozy furniture, intriguing surroundings, and entertainment options.


Allow employees to be who they are

Nobody wants to accomplish anything they are not passionate about or that doesn't suit them. Offering a variety of furniture, relaxation, and stimulating options will help staff members feel more at home and value the freedom to be themselves at work. Bean bags for the office? Come over to our web store right now!