Five ways that bean bag chairs improve better back health

Do you worry about leading a fit and healthy life? About half of Australians suffer from avoidable medical problems, did you know that? Studying Australian back health was the Institute of Health and Welfare.

According to their analysis, 4 million, or 16 percent, of people suffered back issues. A further prediction was that between 70 and 90 percent of Australians would experience low back pain at some point in their lives. That bean bag chairs can improve back health may surprise you. See why bean bag chairs are a terrific option by continuing to read.

Typical reasons of a bad back

Back discomfort can be brought on by several things. Many times, issues with the connective tissue, muscles, nerves, joints, or bones are to blame. Bones known as vertebrae make up the spine, or backbone. Between every vertebra lies a disc, a robust gel-filled cushion.

One hole in the vertebra is where the spinal cord passes. From the spinal cord, nerves extend throughout the body. The body and the spinal cord communicate through nerves. After then, these signals reach the brain, which regulates every bodily process. The following portions of the spine are used medically:

  • Including the seven vertebrae in the neck is the cervical spine
  • The following 12 vertebrae in the upper back are part of the thoracic spine.
  • Five sequential vertebrae in the lower back make up the lumbar spine.
  • At the back of the pelvis lie the sacrum and coccyx, or tailbone.

Pain, numbness, tingling, and other symptoms may result from an injury to one or more areas of the spine. Health of the spine is promoted by "good posture." The bones, muscles, and ligaments stack on one another when the spine is in correct alignment.

An improved balance and function throughout regular everyday tasks are provided by proper alignment. A misaligned spine strains the muscles and joints. This strain might effect other body regions in addition to causing pain.

Unhealthy posture or spinal injury can cause:

Herniated discs: pressure on nerves results from disc protrusion out between the vertebrae.

  • disk degeneration is a weakening and beginning to degrade disk.
  • Sciatica: leg and buttock discomfort, numbness, or tingling
  • Pain, tingling, or numbness down the arm from the neck
  • Unnatural spine curvature impairing function and balance

Pain in the back Pressure on the spinal cord that may extend to other body areas
Back troubles could be intermittent or ongoing. Sometimes they only become apparent when you move a certain way or remain in one place for too long.

Are back problems relieved by bean bags?

Not just hippies and kids use bean bag chairs. Their several advantages support the health of the back. Are bean bags then beneficial for your back? The most of the day is spent sitting by most people. As such, it is essential to make sure that your seating position supports your back. Use of a bean bag chair has the following advantages.

Betters your posture

You now see the value of your mother's ongoing advice to maintain proper posture. A proper posture is encouraged by bean bag seats. Their support extends to your hips, arms, back, neck, and head. It takes bodily modification to fit into traditional seats.

Your sitting posture is not very flexible with those. Your wrists, elbows, hips, and back can all become strained and pressed by certain chairs.

Shapes your body

Everybody's body is different in shape. Bean bags mold your body to the chair rather than the other way around. That conformity makes you feel more comfortable. On muscles, bones, and nerves, their complete, adaptable support reduces strain, tension, and stress. You thus feel less discomfort.

Aids in back alignment

Often, the bottom half of the spine stays off the chair in traditional chairs. That is to say, your lower spine is not receiving any support. Bean bags support and form the body, therefore they aid in full back alignment.

Makes sense ergonomically

Fitting the work environment to the physical needs of the worker is the main goal of ergonomics science. Musculoskeletal problems associated to the job can result from non-ergonomic equipment. In an effort to boost productivity, many businesses increasingly give ergonomics in the workplace first priority.

Better ergonomics save time off the job and money spent on worker's compensation claims. A number of workers who work at a desk all day report neck and low back problems. In most work places, computers are the primary contribution.

All day desk work demands correct wrist, arm, shoulder, and back alignment. Bean bags provide the proper arrangement and ergonomic support required to avoid injuries at work. Reminding yourself not to lean forward and to push back against the chair for support is unnecessary.

Sitting in a bean bag chair keeps you in a supported position by nature. Compared to their colleagues, relaxed workers are less stressed and distracted. All around job performance is enhanced by comfort.

All user sizes are covered by designs

Shapes and sizes of bean bag chairs are quite varied. There is a bean bag out there to suit any size or type of body. Their capacity to support several users also qualifies them for shared areas. The following are some designs of bean bags.


Because bean bag chairs come in a variety of sizes and designs with interchangeable coverings, they are a great option for people of all ages. Among the options are imitation leather, fur, microsuede, linen, cotton, olefin, and polyester.

Chair with Ottoman

Yes, bean bag chairs come in forms more akin to an ottoman-equipped upright chair. These chairs let you raise your feet and make a cozy chair. Professional in appearance, this approach suits workplaces and more official settings.

Large Bean Bags

These huge square or rectangle bean bags are popular with many individuals. They work wonderful as an extra bed or for relaxing. They can be positioned to serve as a chair as well. Colours available include orange, pink, turquoise, black, red, charcoal grey, and more. Any adult will fit into the extra-large size that is also available.


A special fusion of informal style and adaptability is provided by bean bag lounges. Many times, they are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. You may promote your brand or personalize it with screen printing or heat transfers. Heavy-duty polyester used in these sofa coverings is both fade- and water-resistant.

They work great for beaches, poolsides, boats, campuses, movie theaters, and wineries because of its fabric. There are many of colour choices for interior fabric. With these lounges, adorn your family room, library, or home theater.

Pool Toys

Imagine lounging about your pool on one of the best pool floats without getting wet. Bean bags for pools don't need to be inflated and dry fast. Salt water, chlorinated water, and sun exposure are all tolerated by these textiles. Furthermore, they can accommodate two persons. You may put your logo on these and use them for business purposes as well.

Advantages of seats made of bean bags

Bean bag chairs have numerous advantages over and above providing great body support. Among these are the ones that follow.


Bean bags come in a variety of pricing ranges, same as other furniture. Overall though, one of the least expensive seating options is a bean bag chair. Maybe because they consist just of a filler and a shaped cover.

The casings can be mass produced by the vendors in various materials and colors. They are then stuffed with filling and sealed. Making traditional furniture requires more time and money than this method.

Fantastic pick for comfort

There are no breakable springs or foam cushions to press against your body. Rather, to spread your body weight over a larger region, the filler compresses and adapts. Move around, and the chair adjusts to fit your posture.

Wonderful for sitting outside

Bean bags work really well for outdoor seating, depending on the fabric of the casing. Instead of sitting on plastic straps, picture relaxing in a bean bag chair. Easily, you can change to a sitting or sleeping posture.

Boost your own style of decoration

Do you like to decorate your house or place of business boldly and creatively? People automatically understand fun when they see bean bags. I like bean bags. Move them about to create groups.

Happier and more at ease is everyone. Changing around your furniture is very invigorating. Everything in the room changes in feel and character. Doing this on a regular basis will help to maintain life interesting.

Easy to clean

Most bean bag coverings may be taken off and laundered, unlike regular furniture. Bean bags eliminate the need for professional steam cleaning or spot removal. A single piece of upholstery can cost an average homeowner anything from $20 to $250 to have cleaned.

A complete furniture cleaning can run you anything from $50 to $200. Cycles in most washing machines run about $1. Many folks will decide to live with the stain because expert cleaning is so expensive.

Throws or pillows might be tried covering it. Easy washing of the bean bag outer cover is beneficial to health because it gathers the most filth. Both your home and office will be cleaner and you will save money.

Does anyone use bean bag seats in offices?

2012 saw Google install bean bag chairs in their main headquarters. Some felt that the Google administration was insane. Offices should, after all, be formal to project a serious and businesslike appearance.

Why on earth would anyone let their staff members or business partners to lounge? Long ago were the 1970s. Should coffee be accompanied with "timey-wimey" philosophical conversations? Answer from Google was, "Yes." Making the job experience more like play was their aim.

They thought it would erase psychological barriers and energise staff. It proved successful. These days, you will notice these kinds of chairs everywhere. For both typical office settings and home offices, a lot of people now use bean bag seats.

The workplace does, according to managers and staff, feel more enjoyable. Better still than stooping over a desk is to curl up with your laptop in a bean bag chair.

Bean bags are useful outside of the office as well.

Bean bag chairs are becoming more and more popular at work as more businesses follow the trend. They serve purposes outside of the designated work area, nevertheless.

These days, you can find them in rest rooms and break spaces. Increasing performance is encouraged of many employees these days. They never get up from their desk, take on additional work, and forego breaks. Actually, this is a less healthier and less successful method.

2014 saw Staples poll its workforce. Breaks, they discovered, increased worker productivity by 86%. Routine breaks raised employee morale by 59%. Encouraging breaks and furnishing a warm, welcoming space to visit is revolutionary. Among the further advantages are:

  • Raised job contentment
  • Enhancement of mental health More inventiveness and creativity
  • Reduction of burnout
  • Better health and wellbeing of staff
  • Improved atmosphere and decor of the office

Plan for a rest area when creating the policies for breaks at work. Design an area that will draw in your staff. Use of corporate colors could be a good idea to encourage teamwork. Alternatively, to revitalise your staff, go for soothing, cool colors. To promote empowerment, think of asking your staff what they would want to see.

Have you given bean bag chairs any thought?

Different environments might benefit much from bean bag style chairs. Using a bean bag chair enhances back, bodily, and mental wellness. Australian owned and run is Bean Bags R Us. As we say, "Normal is boring."

We produce the coolest and highest caliber bean bags available anywhere. They are still enjoyable and cozy, these "Hippie Chairs" from long ago. Covers of our bean bags are up to four times thicker. Waterproof outdoor versions have a premium PU covering. Call or email us now to find out more about our bean bags.